News/Recent events

February 2019

As part of our new Discovery Project investigating the impacts of past conditions on growth responses to elevated CO2, we are delighted to announce two new PhD positions, one based here in Hobart and one based at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. More details are available here and here.

November 2018

We are delighted to have received TWO new Australian Research Council grants to further our research. We received an ARC Discovery Project grant to continue work in TasFACE2, specifically to investigate how PAST conditions influence CURRENT responses to elevated CO2. This work will be done with our collaborators Dr Martin De Kauwe, an ecological modeller from the University of New South Wales, and Prof. Kiona Ogle, an expert in stochastic modelling from Northern Arizona University.

The second grant is a very large infrastructure grant that we have received with many colleagues from across southeastern Australia, including from the Australian National University, University of New South Wales, University of Canberra and La Trobe University. This infrastructure grant will be used to install an array of climatic sensors and experimental manipulations across the mountain areas of Australia, including in Tasmania. Very exciting is the news that we will be installing an eddy-covariance flux tower at our site at Silver Plains.

November 2016

Mark recently attended an international workshop in Copenhagen, where representatives of all eleven Warming and Removal in Mountains (WaRM) experiments met for the first time. This workshop, held at the Centre for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC) at the University of Copenhagen and hosted by Nate Sanders and Aimee Classen, identified areas for collaboration and planned joint analyses for publication. This was an extremely productive workshop and members of the group, including the Tasmanian ones, are working together already on publications and joint analyses.


8 September 2015

It is time to announce the birth of a new free air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE) experiment. There are only a handful of these in the world and we are pleased to announce that TasFACE2 – the Tasmanian watering-FACE experiment – is now operational. This has been an enormous amount of effort (I keep forgetting how difficult it is setting up a whole new manipulative field experiment – no matter how many times I do it…) but we are sure the rewards will flow now. For full details of TasFACE2 please read here

TasFACE2 scene

4 March 2015

Well, it is teaching in full-swing at the moment so Mark is busy with second and third year plant science classes. Meagan is setting up the new ryegrass-watering FACE experiment. Rose has been sorting data from elevated carbon dioxide experiments from across the world for a new data synthesis. PhD student Adam McKiernan is in the final throes of completing his PhD thesis, which is due to be submitted next week! So it’s all go around here after a hectic summer of field work setting up the Warming-Species Removal experiments.

Summer 2014/15

This summer we established a completely new experiment, the Warming-Species Removal experiment. You can read all about the experiment on our “Experiments” page. Below are some photos of the set-up and sites.

White Gum – native pasture at ~500 m, near Oatlands Tasmania, before setting up


Mark setting up the first warming chamber


Warming chambers in place at White Gum

warming chambers White Gum

Silver Plains – sub-alpine grassland at 900 m elevation.


Setting up the site


Rose squaring up a plot


Meagan and Rose constructing chambers

Panel-construct DSC07548Meagan-settingup

A finished chamber!

Silver plains-the workers Silver plains-chamber complete

The whole experiment in place…

warming chambers Silver Plains DSC07552

And the local wildlife like the warmer conditions our chambers provide!

Silver plains-wildlife in chamber

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