The Plant Ecology Research Group at the University of Tasmania

We are the Plant Ecology Research Group, located in the discipline of Biological Sciences in the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Tasmania. Until a few years ago, we were part of the School of Biological Sciences and before that the School of Plant Science, but during 2014 the Schools of Plant Science and Zoology amalgamated to form the School of Biological Sciences and then a little later all the “natural” sciences were joined to form a super-school, but Plant Science and Zoology are still officially paired into the Discipline of Biological Sciences. This is great news for all of us ecologists because it means it is easy for us to collaborate with our other ecological colleagues. We continue to this day as a tight, collaborative and happy group of biologists!

The Plant Ecology Research Group concentrates on the interactions among plants and between plants and the environment in order to determine how ecological processes give rise to the function of the ecosystem. We typically work in the field but support our field research with both glasshouse and laboratory-based studies. Our main interest lies in understanding how environmental changes affect the way that plants function in the ecosystem and how things like the community composition influence the impacts of the changing climate on terrestrial ecosystems.

Our research largely revolves around several field experiments, so follow the links on above to read all about our various experiments, who we are, the things we have discovered and the papers we have published.

Any enquiries, please contact Mark Hovenden

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Our postal address is:
Biological Sciences
School of Natural Sciences
University of Tasmania
Private Bag 55
Hobart, Tasmania 7001